School Procedures

Procedures for Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up 

The safety of your children is our top priority at Bluffview Elementary School.  With that goal in mind, we would like to remind you of our drop-off/pick-up procedures for this school that occur on the south side.


Our procedure requires parents to remain in their vehicle and allow our staff to bring your child to the car.  The reasons are as follows:

  • State requirements for educational facilities require that the bus loop be separate from the drop-off/pick-up area.  Our bus loop is in the front of the school on the west side, and so parents should not park on the streets directly in front of the school.  It creates a dangerous congestion, and buses cannot maneuver the tight turns because of cars on the street.

  • Bluffview has insufficient legal parking to accommodate the number of parents that would prefer to pick-up their child at the south gate.  Parents gathering at the gate decreases the efficiency of the dismissal process and increases the possibility of a child being misplaced.  

  • Children escorted by parents to a parked car on the street tend to walk across the parking lot, this causes a safety hazard.  Crossing is allowed ONLY at crosswalks!

  • It is illegal to block driveways of the homes around Bluffview in case of the need of emergency vehicles.  Please help us keep our neighbors happy and safe. 

Cars will form a single line when utilizing the drop-off/pick-up area on the south side of the building.  One vehicle should never pull alongside another vehicle to pick-up or drop-off a child.

No car should ever be parked in the drop-off/pick-up area.  If you need to go into the school, you must park your car in a legal parking area and walk your child through the front of the school to talk to teachers or administrators.  

The pick-up line looks long at 2:45, but our teachers and students have this procedure down so that it only takes approximately 10 minutes to load every student into their car.  Please be patient and kind as we set the example for our students to obey procedures and rules that keep us all safe. 

CLASSROOM CELEBRATIONS: Recognizing that learning is the main focus of school, we plan two classroom celebrations per year. If you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday, treats will only be allowed at the end of the instructional day. Healthy treats are requested. The snacks will be delivered to your child’s classroom at the end of the instructional day by our office staff.